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Hannah Kampf Talks Return to ICF; Improving Skills

Courtesy Ryan Hall

Courtesy Ryan Hall

Hannah Kampf is ready to impress the Intense Championship Fighting crowd again.

The kickboxer turned MMA fighter got a win over Tagina Devereaux at ICF’s all female card this past summer. The fight was a barn-burner and hope is the fireworks continue with Friday’s fight against DJ Morrsion in Great Falls, MT.

We talked to Kampf about her last win, moving camps, and returning to ICF.

MTCage: How did it feel to get your first win?

Hannah Kampf: You know, I’d won in Muay Thai before but MMA is a different game and it felt amazing getting the win in the cage. My first two matches I was flown to Hawaii to compete. I tried my hardest but I didn’t yet have the set of skills I needed to win against those opponents. But dang I wanted to go to Hawaii! The last fight I was finally starting to round out my game and that gave me confidence. I had worked through a lot in that camp including a really painful back injury.. I had so many emotions when they raised my hand and it all paid off. It’s hard to describe really.

MTCage: Did you learn a lot from the fight?

Kampf:  I learned how to calm my mind and feel out my opponent a bit. A bigger lesson probably came from the fight before, a pretty tough brawl in Hawaii that landed me with a concussion and broken nose. After that fight I realized I wasn’t going to quit until I was successful in this sport. If that fight didn’t change my mind nothing would.

MTC: You have moved camps from Washington to L.A. How has it been training there?

H.K.:  I miss the White Buffalo crew in Seattle, but I have to say the training here has been amazing.. I train Jiu Jitsu at Paragon with Ricardo Franjinha Miller, who is world class and actually just won at Worlds.. I go to Knuckleheadz Boxing & MMA for standup where the owner Hoss has created such an awesome friendly environment.. I’ve been lucky enough to learn from world champ boxer Maureen “The Real Million Dollar Baby” Shea… Also my friend Raul “BigTank” Salinas has been holding mitts for me 3+ times a week this camp, so grateful for his help. I really feel like I’ve made a leap from where I was before. I hope I can show that.

MTC: You have obviously made an impact as ICF asked you back. What will it be like to be back in their cage?

H.K.: Really looking forward to it! Aweome for Corey from ICF to fly me back to my home state to fight again. My mom will be driving up from Bozeman so I’m pretty excited I get to see her while I’m there.

MTC: What do you know about your opponent?

H.K.: I know she’s a boxing veteran with 30+ fights in her name. I think this will be an exciting fight. I’ve been working on my boxing and ground a lot. I’m ready to put it to the test.

MTC: Anything you like to add/thank?

H.K.:  I want to thank all the training partners and coaches I may or may not have listed above. ICF for flying me back for this awesome event. My dad, who came to visit me and is always so supportive and inspiring. My mom, who hates it but still shows up when she can and screams her lungs out. My roommate who has gone above and beyond to make everything easy at home, thanks Sera. My boyfriend who loves me even though I occasionally try to choke him in my sleep. My work “Howard’s Rug Company of Ventura” who let me have the time off and have been awesome supports. Oh yeah and Airloop Glove Drying Ring because they help me keep my gloves fresh .