ICF Helena Live Results

12187822_10207119251034921_8241412683508033545_nAn action packed evening comes from ICF’s first forray into the Helena, Montana market. Co promoted with Fusions Fight League, ten fights are on the dockey with the main event featuring hometown star Sean O’Malley taking on Idaho’s Mike Coates.

We will update results as they happen below. (All fights amateur MMA unless otherwise indicated).

Main event – Sean O’Malley vs. Mark Coates – pro 125 

Result: Sean O’Malley def. Mark Coates by unanimous decision (30-27 all) (Video to be posted this week.)

Darrick Gates vs. Dillon Drivdahl (145)

Result: Dillon Drivdahl def. Derrick Gates by submission (armbar) round 1 (Video to be posted this week.)

Dan Burwell vs. Anthony Shurts (15o cathweight)

Result: Anthony Shurts def. Dan Burwell by submission (kneebar) 2:54 round 1 (Video to be posted this week).

Ryan Ware vs. Anthony Curtiss

Result: Anthony Curtiss def Ryan Ware by submission (guillotine) 1:51 round 1

Jimmy Barnes vs. Jason Gervais (188 catch)

Result:  Jason Gervais def Jimmy Barnes by submission (rear naked choke) 1:18 round 1

LJ Loop Friday vs. Spurr Roundstone Sat (HWT)

Result: LJ Loop def. Spurr Roundstone by subumission (strikes) 2:53 round 1

Justin Walters vs. Adam Prince (155)

Result: Justin Walters def. Adam Prince by submission (rear naked choke) 1:01 round 1

Punekwa Vielle vs. Trevin Morrision

Round 1

Morrison with kicks early. Morrsion hits Vielle with a kick to the rins and he collapses. Morrsion gets mount and starts to ground and pound. Referee calls it.

Result: Trevin Morrsion def. Punekwa Vielle by TKO 2:15 round 1

Damian Dozier vs. Kian Conley (135)

Round 1

Kian tries for a headlock takedown but Dozier winds up on top. Dozier takes top control but Dozier roles to take side control. Dozier takes top mount, and gets rolled so Dozier takes the back. Kian gets the headlock and cinches in a bulldog choke.

Result:  Kian Conley def. Damian Dozier by submission (bulldog choke) 2:33 round 1

Alex Ackerson vs. Chase Estes (135 lbs)

Result: Chase Estes def. Alex Ackerson  by submission (guillotine) 0:57 round 1

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