ICF 12 Play by Play

icf 12Intense Cage Fighting has another packed card and sell out house in Great Falls as they hold their 12th card in a return to the Four Seasns arena.

The main event features hometown fighter Frank Ramsey and Spokane’s Ryan Muliwill. Also Sean O’Malley defending his ammy 135 title against #1 contender Brian Ibsen. Myles Mazurkiewicz and Joe McMillen are expected to put on a three round war in Mazurkiewicz’s pro debut.

Frank Ramsey vs. Ryan Mulivill – 150 (pro)

Round 1

Ramsey aggressive with hiss strikes and with not much defense by Mulivill. He only protects his head. Ramsey drops him a few times but Mulivill recovers quickly. Ramsey tries for a takedown and Mulivill secures a gullotine to finish the fight.

Winner: Ryan Mulivill by submission (gullotine) 3:20 round 1

Myles Mazurkiewicz vs. Joe McMillen – 145 (pro)

Round 1

Both trade leg kicks early and McMillen tries for a takedown. Mazurkiewicz secures a guillotine through the takedown and never lets go. Forces the tap.

Winner: Myles Mazurkiewicz by submission (gullotine) 0:41 round 1

Chris Sowell vs. Blake Green – 170 (pro)

Round 1

Green tries for a kick to the body but it’s caught and Sowell gets the takedown. Green tries for an armbar, but Sowell fights it off and secures and anklelock for the tap

Winner: Chris Sowell by submission (anklelock) 0:58 round 1

Sean O’Malley (c) vs. Ryan Isben – 135 ammy title

Round 1

Isben moves forward with kicks but O’Malley catches one and tries for a takedown. There is a scramble but both make it back to their feet. The two exchange strikes before Isben gts the takdown. O’Malley secures a triangle but it takes a bbit for him to finallly finissh for the tap.

Winner: Sean O’Malley by submission (triangle) 2:22 round 1

Brandon Killum vs. Jose Mendoza – 185 (ammy)

Round 1

Killum gets the takedown and side control. He moves to half guard, and Mendoza reverse positions. Killum fights to his feet, but Mendoza re-secures the takedown and is in guard. Killum again fights to his feet. Mendoza lands a few more punches. He catches Killum’s kick and gets the takedown. Round ends.

10-9 Mendoza

Round 2

Mendoza lands a solid kick to the body, which prompts Killum to go for the takedown. Mendoza tries for the guillotine but loses it. Stale mate in guard and the ref stands them up. Killum with a sloppy takedown attempt but easily defended. Mendoza hits some shots too the body and the round ends.

10-9 Mendoza

Round 3

Sloppy takedown attempt by Killum and Mendoza tries for a gullotine. Mendoza is able to turn Killum over to the mount and get some ground and pound to force the ref to stop the fight.

Winner: Jose Mendoza by TKO 1:37 round 3

Andy Davis vs. Lalo Ruiz

Round 1

Davis lands overhand rights and they clinch. Davis takes the back standing and secures a rear naked choke for the tap.

Winner: Andy Davis by submission (rear naked choke) 0:57 round 1

Keith Lavendurre vs. Germey Kennedy HWT (ammy)

Round 1

Lavendure is scoring with strikes and secures the takedown. Lavensure gets mount for a moment but Kennedy is able to fight to half guard. After a stalemate the ref brings both fighters back ti their feet. Lavendure is landing several strikes and Kennedy isn’r defending them. The ref stops the contest.

Winner: Lavendure by TKO 2:21 round 1

Theron Martin vs. Cody Campbell – 155 (ammy)

Round 1

Campbell gets a headlock and forces Martin down. Campbell takes the back and tries for a rear naked choke its defended. Campbell transitions to mount and get some ground and pound to end the fight.

Winner: Cody Campbell by TKO 1:4 round 1

Lincoln Dziekonski vs. Tyler Davie – 205 (ammy)

Round 1

Leg kicks by Davie early on Dziekonski. Dziekonski hits a right hook that hurts Davie and Dziekonski gets the takedown and side control. Davie gets the reversal and they fight back to their feet. Dziekonski continues scroing with overhand rights, and tries for aother takedown. Davie gets a front headlock to counter as the round ends.

10-9 Dziekonski

Round 2

Dziekonski contnues to land overhand rights, but Davie still in the fight. Davie gets the takedown and mount, but Dziekonski gets out of trouble and reveres position ton wind up n top and lads some ground and pound as the round ends.

10-9 Dziekonski

Round 3

Dziekonski continues with his overhand rights which finally drops Davie and the ref stops the fight.

Winner: Lincoln Dziekonski by TKO 0:58 round 3

Toby Bender vs. Jess Ibarra – 155 (ammy)

Round 1

Bender gets the double leg slam takedown with Ibarra taking guard. Ibarra tries to get up, but Bender gets a takedown again and gets half guard. Bender land some ground and pound and the round ends.

10-9 Bender

Round 2

Bender is rocked by a straight punch by Ibarra, and Bender again get a slam double leg takedown. Ibarra secures guard and Bender uses some ground and pound until the round ends.

10-9 Bender

Round 3

Another slam double leg takedown and ground and pound from guard for Bender. Stays in guard for the rest of the fight.

Winner: Toby Bender by unanimous decision

Bernard Redtomahack vs. Joe Lavendure – Super HWT (Ammy)

Round 1

Lavendure tries for a takedown, but its stuffed and Redtomahack gets back control on a turtled Lavendure. Redtomahack lands some blows with several to the back of the head. The ref stops the action and Lavendure couldn’t continue.

Winner: Rules a non-contest at 1:47 round 1


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