ICF 11 Play by Play


Sowell vs. Walker

We were live at the Montana Expo Park in Great Fallls, MT for Intense Cage Fighting 11. Seven bouts on the card including the introduction of ICF women’s division and local fighter Chris Sowell looking to stay undefeated as he took on Everett Walker.


Main Event

Chris Sowell vs. Everett Walker (155) pro bout

round 1

Everett gets the takedown and Chris works the ground. Chris shimmies up and locks the triangle choke. After a half minute struggle, Chris sinks in in for the tap.

Winner: Chris Sowell by submission (triangle) 1:42 round 1

Co-Main Event

Beck beats Bleck

Beck beats Bleck

Ariel Beck vs. Jessica Bleck (125) ammy

round 1

Ariel opens up with her striking and Jessica has no answer. Ariel hits a combination that downs Jessica. The ref stops the fight.

Winner: Ariel Beck by TKO 1:05 round 1

Preliminary card

Cody Vukasin vs. Brandon Killam (185) ammy

round 1

Brandon goes for the takedown early and gets side control. Cody takes top position after a roll. Brandon rolls back to mount, and Cody rolls back to top poisition. The round ends.

10-9 Brandon

round 2

Brandon again goee for the takedown early. Cody head and arm roll on Brandon and Brandon returns the favor. Brandon hooks an armbar after Cody tries to take top. Ref stops the contest.

Winner: Brandon Killiam by technical submission (armbar) 0:58 round 2


Kody Shoop vs. LJ Loop (hwt) ammy

round 1

Huge takedown by LJ. Kody works his his way back to his feet. Huge shot by Kody. They two pummel against the fence. Kody with some wild shots to get off the fence. Kody tries to land more but LJ pummels against the fence. They exchange shots an head back to the center. LJ pushes Kody against the fence again. Round ends.

10-9 Kody

round 2

LJ drags Kody to the ground and gets he crucifix. LJ ground and pounds and its over.

Winner: LJ Loop by TKO 0:27 round 2


Ryan McKrakken vs. Charlie Schultz (170) ammy

round 1

Chalie starts in fast with striking but Ryan gets the takedown. Ryan lets Charlie back up and gets another takedown. Ryan gets the back and lands son strikes. Charlie taps, but then complains about strikes to the back of the head.

Winner: Ryan McKrakken byy submission (strikes) 2:24 round 1


Toby Gemey vs. Joe Levendure (hwt) ammy

round 1

Toby pushes forward with strikes and simply pushes Joe to the ground. In a wild scramble, Toby has Joe’s back. Toby knees the body of Joe. Bell rings.

10-9 Toby

round 2

Joe trips and lands in mount. Joe with some ground and pound. Bell rings.

10-8 Joe. Toby deducted a point for bitting Joe.

round 3

Joe lands on Toby and winds up in half guard. He takes mount and grounds and pound. Fight ends.

Winner: Joe Levendure by unanimous decision (29-27 all)


Derrick Gates vs. Sam Atkins (hwt) ammy

round 1

Derrick goes fir a straught takedoiwn and winds up in mount. Using the cage, sam rolls to top position. Sam lands some ground and pound and derrick taps.

Winner: Sam Atkins by TKO 1:55 round 1


Terry Sather vs. Teddy Hitesman (170) ammy

round 1

Both men tentative to start. Danny with kicks to the outside leg. Teddy shoots for a takedown but Danny stuffs it. Danny hits another leg kick then a straight. Danny then opens up with a flurry of strikes. Teddy drops down, but Danny continues. Ref stops it.

Winner: Danny by TKO 2:53 round 1


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