ICF “Homecoming” Play by Play

icf homecoming bannerMTCage is cageside at ICF “Homecoming” at the Four Seasons arena in Great Falls, MT.

The eight fight card features the return for popular Montana fighters Tim Welch, Frank Ramsey, and Leo Bachier, who all have been making some waves out of state and has found national exposure.


Main Event

welch homecoming

Welch def. Regan

Tim Welch vs. Eric Regan (160; pro)

Round 1

Welch tries for a kick but is caught. Welch recovers and escapes. Welch hits a flying knee but Regan tries for a takedown. Welch tries for a guillotine, but regain slips out and tries on of his own. Welch escapes, but Regan gets the takedown. Welch works his way to his butt and slaps on a guillotine. Regan fights it but welch gets it so tight Regan passes out.

Result – Tim Welch def. Eric Regan by technical submission (guillotine) round 1

Main Card

Frank Ramsey vs. Charon Spain (155; pro)

Round 1

Spain starts out quickly, but Ramsey gets the takedown. He gains side control and then north south. Spain tries for an inverted triangle, but. Ramsey spins out and takes side control. Ramsey lands some gound and pound. Ramsey stays I control until the bell.

10-9 Ramsey

Round 2

Quick one two by Spain, but. Ramsey gets the takedown. Ramsey takes side control. Ramsey takes mount. Spain’s cage walks and tries to escape. Ref stops and takes a point away from Ramsey due to an illegal shot to the back of the head. Ramsey lands a head kick and the two exchange kicks wildly. Ramsey hits a body shot that collapses Spain and Ramsey goes In for the finish but time runs out. Spain doesn’t answer the bell.

Result – Frank Ramsey def. Charon Spain by TKO round 2

Leo Bercier vs. Justin Davis (185; pro)

Round 1

Feeling out process early. Bercier hit a few legs kicks that effect Davis. Bercier catches a kick and hits a right. Bercier continues to attack the leg and lands a tough body shot. As the 10 second warning comes, Bercier hits a hard left to the temple, which incapacitates Davis and Bercier lands a kick to the body to finish the fight. The ref replays the ending to see if Davis had his hand on the ground, which it  wasn’t.

Result – Leo Bercier def. Justin Davis by TKO 4:59 round 1

Colin Lee (145; champ) vs.  Sean O’Malley (145) (145; ammy) (Title fight)

Round 1

Body shot by O’Malley and Lee lands a bidy kick Body kick by O’Malley, and Lee answers with one of his own. They clench with Lee pressuring. O’Malley gets away. O’Malley hits a body kick, but is stunned by a kick by Lee, and Lee gets the back. Lee attempts a rear naked choke as the round ends.

10-9 Lee

Round 2

O’Mally moving and hits a spinning back fist and follows with a kick. Lee recovers. Straight right followed by a body shot by O’Malley. Lee charges and gets the clinch then the takedown. Lee in side control with knees. They both make it to their feet before the round ends.

10-9 O’Malley

Round 3

Inside thigh kick by O’Malley. Spinning back fist by O’Malley. Thaigh kick by Lee. O’Malley chases Lee and lands a snap kick to the body. Lee pushes O’Malley to the cage andholds him there until the round ends.

10-9 O’Malley

Round 4

O”malley hit a hard kick and Lee rushes and gets a takedown slam. O”Mally works his way to his feet but Lee gets another slam takedown. O’Mally works his way back to his feet. Accidential groin shot by Lee. Ref restsrtas. O’Malley misses a spinning kick and tries to walk down Lee. Gets a few short shots in before the bell.

10-9 Lee

Round 5

Straight right lands by O’Mally followed by a body shot. Lee tries to rush O’Malley against the cage. O’Malley hits two solid head shots. Lee runs and regroups. Lee clinches and gets the takedown. O’Malley gets up as the bell sounds.

10-9 O’Malley

Result – Sean O’Malley def. Colin Lee by unanimous decision to win the ICF ammy 145 title

Brandon Benson (151) vs. Myles Mycerwitz (150) (150; ammy)

Round 1

Huge scramble to start with Mycerwitz taking the back, but Benson reverses and takes Mycerwitz back. Another scramble and Mycerwitz takes top postion. Mycerwitz takes the side control and gets a front headlock. Pushes the headlock forward and takes the mount . Mycerwitz gets the rear naked choke and taps.

Result – Myles Mycerwitz def. Brandon Benson by submission (rear naked choke) 1:56 round 1

Luis Carranza (140.7) vs. Andy Davis (140) (140; ammy) (Title contenders match)

Round 1

Carranza  gets the takedown, but takes a while to get his head out. Davis stalls and shots and the ref stands them up. Carranza  with some upper cuts and a head kick attempt. Carranza tries a takedown and Davis sprawls. Davis is hold a reverse triangle and lands shots to the body as the round ends.

10-9 Carranza

Round 2

Carranza  sticks and moves and Davis hits a solid right. They clinch. Davis is pressing Carranza  against the cage. They break. Huge takedown by Carranza. Davis holds Carranza close to prevent ground and pound. Carranza stands up and the round ends.

10-9 Carranza

Round 3

Carranza sticks and moves and hits short shots. Carranza gets the takedown. Davis in butterfly guard and then full guard. The ref stands them up. Head kick attempt then a big takedown by Carranza. Davis defends in half guard as the round ends.

Carranza 10-9

Result – Luis Carranza def. Andy Davis by unanimous decision

Cody Vukasin (212) vs. Jon Sinclair (245) (HWT; ammy)

Round 1

Vukasin lands a head kick and Sinclair is dazed. Vukasin goes in for the kill and the ref stops it.

Result – Cody Vukasin def. Jon Sinclair by TKO 0:14 round 1

Cody yellow

Brad Sepncer (206) vs. Billy Blankenship (199) (205; ammy) 

Round 1 

Spenser gets the takedown, but Blankenship reverses and Spenser reverses back. Spenser with the side headlock, trying for the arm triangle. Blankenship muscles out and takes top position. Blankenship works the knees to the side. and Blankeship lets him up. Blankenship tries for kicks but they are blocked. Sepnser throws wildly and doesn’t connect as the round ends.

10-9 Blankenship

Round 2

Blankenship hits a superman punch, pushes forward, but Spenser gets the takedown. Blakenship rolls, but Spenser keeps a tight headlock and Blankenship taps.

Result – Brad Spenser def. Billy Blankeship by submission (headlock) 0:31 round 2

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