Cory Smith Talks ICF National TV Deal

408486_4232969185115_1563902085_nIt was only a few years ago since Intense Cage Fighting had its first card in Montana. In 2013,  Smith is taking it to national TV.

Having syndicated the show on the Montana CBS networks in 2012, Smith is hoping to take the show to a whole new level across the United States.

We talked to Smith about the TV deal and the future of ICF.


MT Cage: You have been quick to get on TV locally and now nationally. Was the quick growth the plan?

Cory Smith: The jump to National TV is always on the top of the dry erase board, since day 1 its been the #1 priority  After doing 2 statewide broadcasts, and getting good ratings, I just felt it was time to start taking shots at the top, and see what we had to do, I’ve been working everyday the last 2 months at trying to land this deal, finally we got the right people to view our show, and they loved it. We just feel that we belong in front a big audience, and this will be our chance.

MTC: Not sure if you can officially announce the network, but obviously this network is available in Montana…

C.S.: Cant say what channel yet, hopefully June, but yes, it’ll be available in all 50 states.

MT Cage:  With the local tv shows, we have been seeing a delay in their airings. Will that continue being the case? Will the upcoming Centene card be live to air?

Smith: This national deal will be taped delayed, we want to do it right, we arent just going to be filming the fights, we are going to do a lot extra filming on how the show becomes its finished product, kinda a behind the scenes feel. After this one, I hope to start looking at Live Events.

MTC: With the new deal, will we see re-runs or earlier cards?

C.S.: Starting with this show you will be seeing an all new product, all new footage of months of filming.

MTC: There was talk about taking the cards out of state. Are we likely to see that this year?

C.S.: I just had some phone calls today with some outta state venues, yes that is coming, hopefully sometime in 2013, 2014 for sure. Right now, we are concentrating on the shows we have booked for March and April, then after that the focus will be purely on the National Broadcast and summer filming. Trying not to bite off more than I can chew.

MTC: You have helped grow some fighters that have appeared on The Ultimate Fighter and Bellator. How do you see the talent pool developing in IFC in 2013?

C.S.: Great Question, our talent pool is right up there with everyone else, id put our belt holders against anyone in Bellator or on the Ultimate fighter, I know thats saying a lot, but like you said, some of our guys have gone onto bigger things and are being successful at it, some of which will be back to fight for us in the next 6 months, a lot of our pro’s train at camps that are owned by UFC champs, and Bellator veterans, so they are getting the same training as the others.

MTC: We are hearing that a March card is in the works. How many cards do you feel you will do this year?

C.S.:  Yes, March 22nd is booked, and currently being worked on, and we have a HUGE surprise to go with that March card. I’ll announce that when I get the thumbs up, then we have another GREAT event we have planned for April, but again, gotta wait for the thumbs up to announce it. I hope to do 4 shows in 2013, along with some other stuff such as motocross.

MTC: Anyone you’d like to thank?

C.S.:  Want to thank the people of Montana, and most of all my hometown of Great Falls, MT. Its cause of the fans that come to the shows and watch our TV.

Specials that make us who we have become, and my sponsors and staff, we wouldn’t be a company with all their hard work and support, its my job to be “the face” of the company, but behind the closed doors, they are the heart of the company and events, and they keep the blood flowing.

Last off all, Rory Schulte, our producer, his work and dedication is why our TV Specials are awesome!

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