Fightforce MIssoula Mayhem October 2012 Results

We were at the Adams Center at the University of Montana for Fightforce’s Missoula Mayhem, which saw a lot of quick submissions and fast paced action.


Main Event

Ammy – Adam Imoff vs. Brandon Stedman

Round 1

Both men judging distance as they pummel against the fence. Imoff takes the back standing and jumps on Stedman’s back. He sinks in the rear naked choke and they go to the mat as Stedman becomes unconscious.

  • Adam Imoff def. Brandon Stedman by technical submission (rear naked choke) round 1:10

C0-Main Event

Ammy – Michael Bares vs. Dan Foltz

Round 1

Bares and Foltz swing for the fences but Bares is getting the better of it. Huge takedown by Bares. Foltz looking for the guillotine but Bares is in half guard. Bares pops out. Foltz gets full guard back, only for Bares to get back to half guard. Bares clears the guard, takes the back, and sinks in a rear naked choke.

  • Bares def. Foltz by submission (rear naked choke) 2:57 round 1

Main Card

Ammy – Jed Larson vs. Estebon Soto

Round 1

Soto tries for the takedown early takes top position. Soto takes half guard, but Larson takes back full guard. Larson tries for a triangle, but a scramble ensues. Larson takes the back and lands some nasty ground and pound. Soto unable to defend.

  • Jed Larson def. Estabon Soto by TKO 1:58 round 1

Ammy – Forest Fortney vs. John Brock

Round 1

They grapple for position as Forney takes the top position on the ground, then the back. Fortney sinks in the rear naked choke.

  • Forest Fortney def. John Brock by submission (rear naked choke) 0:44 round 1

Ammy – Lisa Rummel vs. Chrsitina Vander Whieee (kickboxing)

Round 1

Both exchange wildly with Rummel getting the harder shots. They slow down and Whiee starts to land a few combos. Some of Rummel’s shots are a little weaker as the round ends.

10-9 Rummel

Round 2

Rummel presses the pace as Whiee tries to slow it down. Whiee is more technical as Rummel  is tiring.

10-9 Whiee

Round 3

Rummel tries to rush again, but has lost some power in her ounches. Whiee is working a mmore technical game and is moving well. Rummel ends with a flurry of head shots.

10-9 Whiee.

  • Chrsitina Vander Whiee def. Lisa Rummel by split decision

Ammy – Skye Folsom vs. Skylar Anderson 

Round 1

Both come out swinging. Folsom tries for a guillotine but Anderson gator rolls out of it. They stand and slow down the pace. They pummel against the fence. Folsom sneak behind Anderson for a takedown. Folsom works on Anderson’s back. Folsom takes mount and delivers ground and pound. He retakes the back and sinks in the choke.

  • Folsom def. Anderson by submission (rear naked choke) 2:29 round 1

Ammy – Craig Fesitner vs. Mitch Creighton

Round 1

Fesitner swinging for the fences early. They pummel and Creigton tries for a gulltoine. They break and Fesitner swings wildly again. They pummel and Creighton times for a gulltione. Creighton with some knees. Fesitner tries for a single leg takedown but it is defended well. More knees to the solar plexis by Creighton. Fesitner gets the low leg single. Fesitner stands and gets side control. Fesitner drops and illegal knee that knocks out Creighton. Referee stops the contest. The ring side physician is called in to check on Creighton who is still down. Creighton ultimately gets up.

  • Mitch Creighton def. Finster by DQ 3:02 Round 1 (illegal knee)

Ammy – Michael Scotty vs. Blake Green

Round 1

Scotty with a huge takedown as Green tries for a guillotine. Green is able to roll to take top position. Green tries to take the back, but Scotty rolls to take top position back. Ground and pound by Scotty. They stand up, with Scotty trying for a guillotine. Green takes down Scotty. After a scramble  Green tries to takes Scotty’s back The round ends.

10-9 Green

Round 2

Scotty with a takedown. Green tries for a guillotine. They rollback and forth, and Green takes top position Scotty reverses to take top position  then side control. Scotty takes mount and sinks in an armbar for the win.

  • Michael Scotty def. Blake Green by submission (armbar) 1:20 round 2

Ammy – Taj Rae vs. Tony Best

  • Taj Rae def. Tony Best by submission (guillotine) 0:32 round 1

Ammy – Anthony Shurts vs. Shawn Barnes

  • Anthony Shruts def. Shawn Barnes by submission (guillotine) 2:42 round 1


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