ICF 7 Play by Play

We are live at the Four Seasons Arena in Great Falls for Intense Cage Fighting 7. The main event will feature champion Frank Ramsey defending his ICF Lightweight title against  Jacob Hauck . Also  James Ogden will take on Jay Sandvig for the ICF Featherweight title.


Main Event

Pro – Frank Ramsey (c) vs. Jacob Hauck – ICF Lightweight title

Round 1

They feel each other out. Hauck hits a knee that drops Ramsey. Hauck attempts to take the back but Ramsey scrambles to standing. Big right rocks Hauck, who recovers. One more big rights KOs Hauck, who drops straight back.

Frank Ramsey def. Jacob Hauck by KO 2:17 round 1 to retain the ICF Lightweight title

Main Card

Pro – Travis Johnson vs. Don Tuttle

Round 1

Both come out swinging, but Johnson hits a huge right on the chin, that collapses Tuttle. Johnson in for the kill and Tuttle can’t defend.

Travis Johnson def. Don Tuttle by TKO 0:13 round 1 

Pro – Levi Peaslee vs. Will Comstock

Round 1

Feeling out process with Peaslee the aggressor. Comstock shoots but Peaslee sinks the guillotine for the tap.

Levi Peaslee def. Will Comstock by submission (guillotine) 1:19 round 1

Ammy – James Ogden vs. Jay Sandvig – ICF Featherweight title

Round 1

Sandvig tries to find his range for his kicks. They clinch with Sandvig getting in some knees. They break. Sandvig the aggressor as Ogden tries for a takedown. Sandvig sprawls and takes mount then the back. Sandvig figure fours the body. The round ends.

10-9 Sandvig

Round 2

Odgen the aggressor at first. Sandvig clips Ogden with a right and Sandvig takes top position. Ogden reverses position, but Sandvig sinks in the triangle choke for the tap.

Jay Sandvig def. James Ogden by submission (triangle choke) 1:42 round 2 to become the ICF featherweight champion.


Ammy – Louis Caranza vs. Brandon Caldwell

Round 1

Caranza takes the shot early for a takedown, but Caldwell blocks it. They pummel against the fence. After a minute they break. Caranza gets a huge takedown. Tries for mount as the round ends.

10-9 Caranza

Round 2

Caranza gets the takedown and is on top in guard. Caldwell tries for and anklelock, and is able to scramble back to his feet. Caranza backs away, then counters with a takedown. Carazna tries to take the back. They both stand up, with Caldwell hitting a knee on the way up. They pummel against the fence as the round ends.

10-9 Caranza

Round 3

Caranza tries for the takedown but it’s defended. They pummel against the fence. Caranza gets the takedown, but Caldwell tries for a reverse triangle. Caranza gets mount. Caldwell gets the back as the round ends.

10-9 Caranza

Louis Caranza def. Brandon Caldwell by unanimous decision (30-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Ammy – Don Johnson vs. Skye Folsom

Round 1

Folsom tries for a kick but Johnson gets the top position. After several attempts, Folsom sinks in the triangle choke.

Skye Folsom def. Don Johnson by submission (triangle choke) 1:18 round 1

Ammy – Ace Gingerich vs. Cameron Blackcrow

Round 1

Blackcrow throws shots to the body. Gingerich counters with knees. Gingerich throws Blackcrow to the mat, but Blackcrow takes top position. They are stood up. Blackcrow takes some more shots at the head. Gingerich counters with knees. Blackcrow gets in one more shot before the bell.

10-9 Blackcrow

Round 2

Blackcrow launches punches, but Gingerich tries for the takedown. Blackcrow scambles up. Gingerich counters with some vicious knees and it looks like Blackcrow maybe out of it. Blackcrow battles backs landing some shots as Gingerich has his hands down. Round ends.

10-9 Giungerich

Round 3

Blackcrow lands some leg kicks and mixes it in with some punching. Gingerich tries for some sloppy takedowns but were easily thwarted. Blackcrow hits a right that knocks out Gingerich.

Cameron Blackcrow def. Ace Gingerich by KO 1:32 round 3


Ammy – Josh Williams vs. Ryan Hill

Round 1

Williams uses his jab early, with Hill getting the better of the exchanges. They pummel against the fence and break. Williams stuns Hill and takes him down. Williams gets the back and tries for a rear naked choke Hill reverse and gets mount. Hill lands some ground and pound. Williams reverses as the round ends.

10-9 Williams

Round 2

Both exchange kicks early on. Williams charges and they pummel against the fence. Hill gets the takedown on a tired Williams. Hill gets the mount and then takes the back. He gets the hook in. Williams tries to roll, but Hill is stick on the back like glue. Williams get guard, but Hill puts in a triangle attempt before the bell.

10-9 Hill

Round 3

Both slowing down, but Hill hits a nice shot to the head and goes after Williams. Williams mouth piece is on the ground and they stop to let him it back in. After some shots, Hill opens up some vicious hard and body shots. Williams unable to answer. The ref stops it.

Ryan Hill def. Josh Williams by TKO  :47 round 3


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