ICF 6 Invades Centene Stadium in Great Falls Tonight

It will be a battle at the ballpark when Intense Cage Fighting hits Centene Stadium in Great Falls  tonight.

Eleven bouts are set, including a title bout between middleweight champ Leo Bercier and Spokane’s Jared Torguson. Frank Ramsey will also defend his lightweight title against Roy Bradshaw.

The card starts at 6:30 p.m. at Centene Stadium.

Fight Card

  • Leo Bercier vs. Jared Torguson – Middleweight title
  • Frank Ramsey vs. Roy Bradshaw – Lightweight title
  • James Ogden vs. Sam Atkins
  • Jamie Spagnolo vs. Skye Folsom
  • Brandon Caldwell vs. Kyle pitzer
  • Don Roost vs. Dave Evans
  • Cameron Blackcrow vs. Tyler Gandolfi
  • Louis Garndez vs. Anthony Shurts
  • Toby Bender vs. Kenny Smith
  • Colin Lee vs. Cory Nettleton
  • Chris Sowell vs. Dougie Lloyd

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