MMA Diehards – Subway Hero Joe Lozito will be in Lloyd Woodard’s Corner at Bellator 66

Joe Lozito

By Jason Kelly – MMA Diehards

Heroic, fascinating and unique acts have bound Joe Lozito, Lloyd Woodard and Frank Kozlowsky.

Lozito (Twitter: @joe_lozito) became an overnight celebrity following a horrific day on a New York subway in 2011.  A man by the name of Maksim Gelman was on a 24 hour killing spree in Manhattan, which already had four people die on his account when he ran into Lozito.  Lozito disarmed Gelman and prevented him from murdering again, but not without suffering knife wounds of his own.

Lozito’s act of bravery has caught the eye of many athletes and professional sports teams.  He has met with UFC president Dana White and many of the organization’s combatants.  He has had the pleasure meeting athletes from other sports as well, but now has another once in a lifetime opportunity.

Recently, Woodard (Twitter: @mmacupcake), a Bellator Season 6 lightweight semifinalist, has taken note of Lozito’s courageous day.  “Cupcake” was amazed with Lozito’s fearlessness and invited the MMA enthusiast to work his corner at Bellator 66 at the I-X Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

“Lloyd messaged me on Twitter, so I sent him a message back and told him I was honored to have him follow me,” Lozito explained to  “I guess he paid a trip to Google and had done a lot of research on my story.  He really loved the story and I guess it inspired him.  It was basically an avalanche after that…”

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