ICF 5 Play By Play

We are live at the Four Seasons Arena in Great Falls covering ICF 5; featuring Tim Welch in his final match in Montana facing Oregon’s Chris Ensley. There are nine fights total tonight including Frank Ramsey defending his title.

Main event

Tim Welch vs. Chris Ensley (pro)

Round 1

Welch works the legs with kicks and Eisley charges in. Pummeling against the fence and they break cleanly. Uppercut combo by Welch. Welch gets the trip takedown off the fence. Ref stands them up after 20 seconds. Ensleybgoes down after a shot. After a few shots to Ensley, Welch sinks in the knee bar.

Tim Welch def. Chris Ensley by submission (kneebar) 2:34 round 1


Frank Ramsey vs. Angel Diaz (pro)

Round 1

Ramseys with a huge takedown. Diaz in guard with Ramseys’s controlling on top.

10-9 Ramseys

Round 2

Takedown by Ramsey. Diaz works into guard. Stand-up and Ramsey takes Diaz down again. Ramsey works to side control. Ramsey takes the back.and tries for a neck crank before the round ends.

10-9 Ramsey

Round 3

Right to the temple drop Ramsey. Diaz takes guard. Ramsey strikes to the body. Cut at the corner of Diaz’s right eye. Ramsey gets some shots to the head before the bell rings.

Frank Ramsey def. Angel Diaz by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26, 30-27)

Amateur bouts

Featured bout

Jack Olieos vs. Keefe Davidson

Round 1

Olieos with a takedown. Davidosn in half guard. They stand. Oleios strikes wildly. Davidson with a counter punch. Oleios pressing the action. Solid right to the temple by Oleios, which drops Davidson. Olieis takes the back and sinks in the rar naked choke foe the tap.

Jack Olieos def. Keefe Davidson by submission (rear naked choke) 2:57 round 1


Drew Franko vs. Jay Murray

Round 1

Feeling out process both fighters, both getting body kicks in. Franko with better striking, getting in some knees. Round ends in a flurry by both.

10-9 Franko

Round 2

Both come out cautiously but aggressive. Marko hits hard, but Murray attacks the leg with low kicks. Marko charges in with a combo. Marko catches a kick a few times and trips Murray to the ground as the round ends.

10-9 Franko

Round 3

Murray more aggressive at the start of the round. Marko catches a kick and takes Murray down in half guard. They stand. Murray ends aggressively.

10-9 Franko

Drew Franko def. Joe Murray by decision (30-27 all cards)

Ryan McCracken vs. Arnold Sismens

Round 1

McCracken takes down and mounts Sismens. McCracken takes the back. McCracken stands and does some ground and pound on a prone Sismens. Ref stops the bout

Ryan McCracken def. Arnold Sismens by TKO :57 round 1

Cameron Blackcrow vs. Alex Aquaitin

Round 1

Spining back kick by Aquaitin, who tries for a takedown but there is a scramble.Aquaitin winds up in guard. Aquaitin keeps Blackcrow close.Aquaitin gets a kimura attempt before the bell.

10-9 Blackcrow

Round 2

Aquaitin with some nice kicks and attempts a takedown, Blackcrow rolls top and then takes the back. Blackcrow takes side control. Blackcrow takes mount and gets some ground and pound as the round ends.

10-9 Blackcrow

Round 3

Blackcrow with some hard shots. Aquaitin tries a takedown by Blackcrow winds up on top in side control. Knees to the body by Blackcrow.as Aquaitin taps out. Aquaitin appears to have a broken rib.

Cameron Blackcrow def. Alex Aquaitin by submission (injury) 1:18 round 3

Jamie Spagnola vs. Sam Atkins

Round 1

Hard hit by Atkins, but Spagnola takes top side control. Aktins regains guard. They stand and body kick by Atkins. Spagnola gets the takedown Adkins controls the head . They end north-out position.

10-9 Spagnola

Round 2

Shot from the sprawl as Atkins attempts a key lock. Adkins gets mount and hits Spagnola . Adkins chokes Spagnola out with his bare hands.

Sam Atkins def. Jamie Spagnola by submission (choke) 2:22 round 2

Don Johnson vs. Rahn Henderson

Round 1

Takedown by Johnson and gets side control. Hendersongets the headlock, but Johnson takes the back figure foured Henderson takes top. They stand and takedown by Johhson to end the round.

10-9 Johnson

Henderson refuses to leave his corner.

Don Johnson def. Rahn Henderson by submission 5:00 round 1

Brian Cox vs. Joe Anderson

Round 1

Quick takedown by Cox, who immediately takes back. Anderson fights out of a rear naked choke attempt. Cox takes mount and does come ground and pound. Cox takes the back takes and gets the rear naked choke.

Brain Cox def. Joe Anderson by submission (rear naked choke) 2:25 round 1


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