Fighter Profile – Tyson Castro

Fighting out of Team Vidonic at the 4th Street Dojo in Billings, Tyson Castro  will be making his ammy MMA debut against Spokane’s Travis Lopez in a featherweight contest at Fightforce’s “Missoula Mayhem” Mar. 3.

MT Cage talked with Castro about his background in MMA and his influences.


Tell us about your MMA background?

I’ve been training for about four months now, I decided to finally follow my dream. I am training with the best team in Billings, MT. I train five nights a week. I’m still working on figuring all of out how to balance it all.

What is your biggest motivation for training and fighting?

I am finally doing something that I look forward to everyday, doesn’t get much better than that.

What are your personal goals in MMA?

To win fights.

Any influences in the sport?

I respect most everyone in this sport, but so far my biggest influence is Ryan, my teammate, I’ve always looked up to him as a family man and fighter, its rewarding to work with such great positive people.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in MMA? 

Find somewhere you are comfortable and can learn, as long as your able to learn, you’re never too old.

Favorite Submission 

Anaconda choke

Anyone you would like to say thank you or send a shout out too?

I want to thank my team for taking me in and letting me train with them. And I really want to thank my wife and family at home for supporting me and expecting me to succeed.

Any final thoughts or something you would like to add?

I am a man of few words, so no.


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