Fightforce Helena Havoc Feb. 24 Results

MT Cage was live at the Fightforce Helena Havoc event with features 13 great fights, including the pro debut of Helena local fighter Emily Green, and 11 amateur fights. This includes two title fights, and a  heavyweight battle between Helena’s own AL Lopey facing Cody, WY’s Chris Grills.


Fight Play-by-Play

Main event

Emily Green vs. Gina Gallea – Super-flyweight (pro)

Round 1

Gina trips trying a kick and Green hits a solid shot to the face, and takes mount. Gina shrimps out and as they scramble, she goes for the anklelock. Gina takes guard. Emily tries for an anklelock of her own. Gina takes top position in half guard. Emily reveres to top position. Gina goes for the guillotine. Emily gets out of it, but Gina takes her back. Green shrimps put and they are back on their feet. Huge mouse on Gallea’s left eye. Gallea tries to take Green;’s back standing. Emily twists Gallea around to take top position in guard. The ref stands up them up as the round ends on the feet. 10-9 Green.

Gina doesn’t get up from her corner.

Winner: Green by submission (didn’t answer the bell) 5:00 round 1

(The rest of the card were amateur fights)

Ted Reiter vs. Johnny Vicar – Ammy Heavyweight title

Round 1

Solid right by Reiter. After some pummeling by both men, Reiter gets the trip takedown into side control. Reiter works the far side Kimura for the finish.

Winner: Reiter by submission (Kimura)  :56 round 1

John Colter (black) vs. Dallen Brauer (grey) – 155 title

Round 1

Brauer  drives in for the takedown. Ground and pound by Brauer  in guard. Colter work the armbar, but gets mini slammed. Colter gets back to guard, and works in it until the end of the round. 10-9 Colter

Round 2

Brauer gets the takedown, but Colter sinks in a guillotine. Brauer  pops out with Colter taking guard. Colter tries for the armbar, but Baurer takes top into half guard. Colter takes guard. Colter gets a triangle choke attempt before the round ends.  10-9 Brauer

Round 3

Takedown attempt by Colter, but Brauer  sinks in the gullotine. Colter pops out and takes mount. Ground and pound by Colter for the last several minutes of the round, with Brauer absorbing the punishment. 10-9 Colter.

Winner: Colter by split decision (29-28, 27-30,29-28)

Al Loppie vs. Chris Grills – Heavweights

Round 1

Head and arm takedown by Looppie, but Grills fights up and gets a takedown of his own. Grills takes the back and ground and pounds. The referee stops after Loppie eats unanswered punches.

Winner: Loopie by ref stoppage (punches) round 1

Anthony Trujilo vs. Matt Hettick – Featherweight

Round 1

Both slug it out early. Trujilo tries for a gulltoine, and then takes the back. They scramble and both end up on their feet. Both exchanges a flurry of shots . Hettick tries for a takedown, but Truillo takes the back. Trijilo was a bit too high on the back, causing Herritck reverses into top position. Trujilo winds up in half guard. Hettick passes to side control. Trujilo takes the back and tries for the rear naked as the round ends. 10-9 Truillo.

Round 2

Hettick opens with some combos. Hettick hits some knees.Trujllo hits a right and Hittick attempts a takedown. Hettick  does an arm throw, but Truillo takes the back and gets his hook in. Truillo rolls him and sinks in the rear naked choke.

Winner: Truillo by submission (rear naked choke) 3:45 round 2

Levi Caprara vs. Troy Glick – 175 Catchweight

Round 1

Feeling out process, but Glick hits a sold right and hits a series of knees. Glick slaps on a guillotine for the tap.

Winner: Glick by submission (guillotine) :58 round

Alonzo Avila vs. Cory Nettleton – Featherweight

Round 1

Hip toss by Nettleton to mount. Avila gets out in the scramble. Nettleton tries for a takedown but Avila tries for a guillotine. Nettleton slips out into side control and moves to mount. Ground and pound to armbar by Nettleton. Avila fights out and takes top position. Scramble and both men are up. Takedown by Nettleton, who  takes mount. And end the round there. 10-9 Nettleton.

Round 2

Nettleton instantly goes for the takedown. Avila gets a guillotine attempt. Nettleton fights out and goes for his own guillotine. Avila taps.

Winner: Nettleton by submission (guillotine) 1:05 round 2

Tom Frederick vs Rod Imhoff – Lightweight Kickboxing

Round 1

Imoff with a body kick. They exchange blows, with Fredrick more accurate with his kicks. Imoff chasing, but Fredrick doing well countering. Huge right hand by Fredricks right before the round ends. 10-9 Fredricks.

Round 2

Fredrick pushes the pace. Fredricks slips and gets back up quick. Imhoff continues to chase Fredrricks, with Freddricks counterpunching. Quick combo by Fredricks to end the round.

10-9 Fredricks

Round 3

Solid body kick by Fredricks. Full out brawl and Fredricks is knocked down. Fredricks gets back up and is ready to go. Exchanges again and Imhoff down due to a right hook. Imoff takes the standing 8. They go blow to blow again. They duke it out to the end.

10-9 Fredricks

Winner: Fredricks by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Drew Wetz vs. Beaux Edger – 165 Catchweight

Round 1

Wetz has a huge reach advantage. Wetz was able to trip Edgar after a kick attempt  and take this back. scramble and Wetz winds up standing. Edgar with a takedown. Wetz powers out . Wetz catches a knee to the sternum and Edgar drop. Wetz continues the ground and pound, and hits a knee to the kidneys on Edgar. Ref calls a time out. Warning to Wetz. Edgar aggressive with boxing, and Wetz counters with knees. Edgar goes for the takedown. Triangle attempt by Wetz, but Edgar gets out. Edgar with a guillotine attempt as the round ends. 10-9 Wetz

Round 2

Takedown by Edgar into top position in half guard. Wetz takes full guard. Stand-up. Takedown by Edgar. Wetz in half guard leaning against the cage. Wetz in full guard as the round ends. 10-9 Edgar.

Round 3

Nice overhand right by Wetz. Edgar tries for the takedown, but Wetz controls the head. Edgar takes guard. Ref stands them up. Huge right by Edgar. Edgar gets the takedown. Wetz in guard as the round ends. 10-9 Wetz.

Winner: Edgar by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Bisco Nava vs. Brandon Swarengin – 165 pound catchweight

Round 1

Nava has a definite reach advantage on Swarengin and uses it early. Swarenig turns around after a solid shot, and Nava connects and Swarengin is down. Nava ground and pounds and Swarengin taps.

Winner: Nava by submission (strikes) round 1

Dan Anderson vs. Jeremy Lawrence – Middleweight kickboxing

Round 1

Combos by Lawrence. More by Anderson. Solid right by Lawrence  and pushing the pace. Lawrence 10-9.

Round 2

Kick punch combo by Anderson, that opens a cut on Lawrence  right eye. Overhand right by Anderson to end the round. 10-9 Anderson.

The doctor examines Lawrence’s eye and stops the fight in between rounds.

Winner: Anderson by doctor’s stoppage 1:30 round 2.

Steve Henke vs. Collin Lee – 160 Catchweight

Round 1

Both kick early. Lee gets the takedown and Henke takes guard. Henke working rubber guard. Henke sinks in the triangle. Lee keeps fighting through it, and pulls out. Lee gets some ground and pound in top position. The stand up in a scramble and Henke ends with a takedown attempt. 10-9 Henke.

Round 2

Lee opens with a three punch combo and hits a leg kick. Henke gets a clinch and gets the trip takedown. Lee gets a guillotine attempt, but Henke pops out. Ref stands them up. Lee gets a takedown and takes mount. Henke reverses and takes side control at the end of a close round. 10-9 Henke.

Round 3

Both fighters come out swinging. Henke takes top position. Lee reverses and takes mount. Henke reverses him to top position. Lee is rubber guard. Ref stand-ups. Lee strikes strong, and gets some ground and pound to end the fight. 10-9 Lee

Winner: Collin Lee by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)


3 responses to “Fightforce Helena Havoc Feb. 24 Results

  1. refs need to open there eyes and not let fighters punch the back of the head

  2. When Rod was knocked down he was up before the count of ten. He was clearly unstable. After the ref wiped his gloves, he was given a standing 8 count. If you start your stop watch from the time Rod hit the ground, almost 45 seconds past and the fight continued. My question is, Should the fight should have been stopped before the standing 8 count. When he hit the canvas he was OUT! He was less than three feet infront of me. I think he was out. What ever the case it was a great fight !!!

    • He was able to intelligently able to defend himself after so I don’t see it as a bad decision by the ref. I saw that he was dazed and thought it was over myself, but it’s at the ref’s discretion.

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