Fighter Profile – Billing’s Ryan Ferguson

Out of Team Vidonic out of the 4th Street Gym in Billings, Ryan Ferguson (7-3) is read to derail the undefeated Jaoquin Calderon (4-0) in a bantamweight fight at Fightforce’s “Missoula Mayhem” March 3.

MT Cage talked with Ferguson about his background in MMA and his influences.


How did you start in MMA?

I began MMA when I was 23, four months after I had twin girls. I needed a life change; my habits were unhealthy and after wrestling throughout my childhood, I thought I might fit in just fine.  It was a lot harder than I expected, but I was in love from day one.

What is your biggest motivation for training and fighting?

My family and myself. I am blessed with a beautiful family.

How is it balancing work, home and MMA?

I am self-employed carpenter and full time construction worker. It only leaves me time to train in the evenings six nights a week.  Sometimes it is very difficult, but I am dedicated, focused and hard-working.

Planning on going pro soon?

After I’ve sat down with my family, coach, teammates and we feel the time is right.

Do you have anyone you look up to?

Patricia Vidonic, because I see what she puts into the sport.  I also like to watch Fedor Emelianenko, Dan Henderson, and Jose Aldo fight. Outside the sport, my grandfather, my father, and my children.

Who has been your toughest opponent to date?

Thomas Brown because he is 2 of my 3 losses.

Favorite Submission?

Head and Arm Choke

Favorite music to train to? 


Anyone you would like to say thank you or send a shout out too?

My whole family, my coach, my teammates, God,  and all those who have influenced me in my entire MMA experience.


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  1. Good luck man his O has to go

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