FightForce Hits Kalispell Saturday

FightForce returns to the Majestic Valley Arena in Kalispell, MT Saturday night with 14 amateur fights on the docket.

Local fighters Jarrett Smith and Brandon Bailey will be in action with former UFC fighter Anthony “Rumble” Johnson making an appearance.

In addition, FashionPlus will have an autograph signing with Johnson Saturday between 12:30-5:00 p.m.

Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 at the door. You can purchase them at GNC, FashionPlus, Straight Blast Gym, and Army/Navy in Kalispell.

Fight Card:

  • 135 – Jarrett Smith (SBG-Kalispell) vs. DJ Snyder (Deer Lodge)
  • 175 – Brandon Bailey (Kalispell) vs. Matt Conoljnen (MT MMA – Bozeman)
  • 170 – Michael Kuehne  (Kalispell) vs. Riley Tobin (PFA – Lethbridge)
  • 160 – Mark Johnson (Kalispell) vs. Lan Day Chief (PFA – Lethbridge)
  • 130 – Luis Calderon (Kalispell) vs. Leo Shoji (PFA – Lethbridge)
  • 150 – Vinni Rossi (Kalispell) vs. Mark Fallon (Kalispell)
  • 145 – Sheldon Fisher (Fighter’s Island – Polson) vs. Ericson Abalos (MT MMA- Bozmean)
  • 145 – Tony Best (Kalispell) vs. Kris Putman (Heart N Soul – Great Falls)
  • 155 – Joel Ballard (Kalispell) vs. Jeremy Sanderson (Deer Lodge)
  • 135 – Duran Flaget (SBG – Kalispell) vs. Mitch Creighton (PFA – Lethbridge)
  • 185 – Gus Nolte (SBG – Kalispell) vs. Tyrel Phillips (Grindhouse – Billings)
  • 185 – Greg Tatar (Kalispell) vs. Ace Gingerich (DP – Hamilton)
  • 155 – Brent Young (Kalispell) vs. Tyler Sager (Kalispell)
  • 145 – Zach Dickson (SBG – Kalispell) vs. Daniel Swaine (Canusa – Newport, WA)

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