Montenegro versus Acevedo to Main Event ICF All Female Card

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montenegro acevedo 01 Intense Cage Fight will have a solid main event with two solid strawweight prospects.

Amy Cadwell-Montenegro and Rosa Acevedo will headline the all female card in Great Falls, MT May 16.

Washington’s Montenegro (3-0) is looking to win her 4th win, having back to back submission wins.

Acevedo (1-1) won her pro debut, but is looking to get back on track after losing to Jocelyn Jones-Lybarger by decision a few weeks ago at RFA.

The match joins Liz McCarthy and Cassie Robb on the pro portion of the card, with one pro match yet to be announced. Four ammy bouts are set with the card with several to be added in the coming week.

The matches are expected to be stream and we will keep you informed as plans are set.

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Four Bouts Added to the ICF All Female Card May 16th

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The Intense Cage Fighting all female card May 16th in Great Falls, MT is shaping up.

Four amateur bouts have been added to the card, featuring a lightweight and middleweight bout plus a lot of local talent.

Popular area boxer Ariel Beck (3-3-1 MMA) will return to the ICF cage to take on Tacoma’s Shawn Dee Solosabal (2-0). Beck is coming off a first round TKO over Jessica Bleck in the first ever ICF female bout. Solosabel has a win over Sarah Marang.

Hannah Kampf looks for her first win as she takes on debuter Tangina Deveraux at 115.





Montana’s Heather Wilson will look for fourth win taking on Portland’s Anna Symonds in a lightweight (155) encounter.

Two fighters will make their MMA debuts at a catch weight of 175 as Anna Dempster (Portland, OR) and Kristen Tuttle (Great Falls, MT).

Five more bouts are expected to…

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ICF 12 Play by Play

icf 12Intense Cage Fighting has another packed card and sell out house in Great Falls as they hold their 12th card in a return to the Four Seasns arena.

The main event features hometown fighter Frank Ramsey and Spokane’s Ryan Muliwill. Also Sean O’Malley defending his ammy 135 title against #1 contender Brian Ibsen. Myles Mazurkiewicz and Joe McMillen are expected to put on a three round war in Mazurkiewicz’s pro debut.

Frank Ramsey vs. Ryan Mulivill – 150 (pro)

Round 1

Ramsey aggressive with hiss strikes and with not much defense by Mulivill. He only protects his head. Ramsey drops him a few times but Mulivill recovers quickly. Ramsey tries for a takedown and Mulivill secures a gullotine to finish the fight.

Winner: Ryan Mulivill by submission (gullotine) 3:20 round 1

Myles Mazurkiewicz vs. Joe McMillen – 145 (pro)

Round 1

Both trade leg kicks early and McMillen tries for a takedown. Mazurkiewicz secures a guillotine through the takedown and never lets go. Forces the tap.

Winner: Myles Mazurkiewicz by submission (gullotine) 0:41 round 1

Chris Sowell vs. Blake Green – 170 (pro)

Round 1

Green tries for a kick to the body but it’s caught and Sowell gets the takedown. Green tries for an armbar, but Sowell fights it off and secures and anklelock for the tap

Winner: Chris Sowell by submission (anklelock) 0:58 round 1

Sean O’Malley (c) vs. Ryan Isben – 135 ammy title

Round 1

Isben moves forward with kicks but O’Malley catches one and tries for a takedown. There is a scramble but both make it back to their feet. The two exchange strikes before Isben gts the takdown. O’Malley secures a triangle but it takes a bbit for him to finallly finissh for the tap.

Winner: Sean O’Malley by submission (triangle) 2:22 round 1

Brandon Killum vs. Jose Mendoza – 185 (ammy)

Round 1

Killum gets the takedown and side control. He moves to half guard, and Mendoza reverse positions. Killum fights to his feet, but Mendoza re-secures the takedown and is in guard. Killum again fights to his feet. Mendoza lands a few more punches. He catches Killum’s kick and gets the takedown. Round ends.

10-9 Mendoza

Round 2

Mendoza lands a solid kick to the body, which prompts Killum to go for the takedown. Mendoza tries for the guillotine but loses it. Stale mate in guard and the ref stands them up. Killum with a sloppy takedown attempt but easily defended. Mendoza hits some shots too the body and the round ends.

10-9 Mendoza

Round 3

Sloppy takedown attempt by Killum and Mendoza tries for a gullotine. Mendoza is able to turn Killum over to the mount and get some ground and pound to force the ref to stop the fight.

Winner: Jose Mendoza by TKO 1:37 round 3

Andy Davis vs. Lalo Ruiz

Round 1

Davis lands overhand rights and they clinch. Davis takes the back standing and secures a rear naked choke for the tap.

Winner: Andy Davis by submission (rear naked choke) 0:57 round 1

Keith Lavendurre vs. Germey Kennedy HWT (ammy)

Round 1

Lavendure is scoring with strikes and secures the takedown. Lavensure gets mount for a moment but Kennedy is able to fight to half guard. After a stalemate the ref brings both fighters back ti their feet. Lavendure is landing several strikes and Kennedy isn’r defending them. The ref stops the contest.

Winner: Lavendure by TKO 2:21 round 1

Theron Martin vs. Cody Campbell – 155 (ammy)

Round 1

Campbell gets a headlock and forces Martin down. Campbell takes the back and tries for a rear naked choke its defended. Campbell transitions to mount and get some ground and pound to end the fight.

Winner: Cody Campbell by TKO 1:4 round 1

Lincoln Dziekonski vs. Tyler Davie – 205 (ammy)

Round 1

Leg kicks by Davie early on Dziekonski. Dziekonski hits a right hook that hurts Davie and Dziekonski gets the takedown and side control. Davie gets the reversal and they fight back to their feet. Dziekonski continues scroing with overhand rights, and tries for aother takedown. Davie gets a front headlock to counter as the round ends.

10-9 Dziekonski

Round 2

Dziekonski contnues to land overhand rights, but Davie still in the fight. Davie gets the takedown and mount, but Dziekonski gets out of trouble and reveres position ton wind up n top and lads some ground and pound as the round ends.

10-9 Dziekonski

Round 3

Dziekonski continues with his overhand rights which finally drops Davie and the ref stops the fight.

Winner: Lincoln Dziekonski by TKO 0:58 round 3

Toby Bender vs. Jess Ibarra – 155 (ammy)

Round 1

Bender gets the double leg slam takedown with Ibarra taking guard. Ibarra tries to get up, but Bender gets a takedown again and gets half guard. Bender land some ground and pound and the round ends.

10-9 Bender

Round 2

Bender is rocked by a straight punch by Ibarra, and Bender again get a slam double leg takedown. Ibarra secures guard and Bender uses some ground and pound until the round ends.

10-9 Bender

Round 3

Another slam double leg takedown and ground and pound from guard for Bender. Stays in guard for the rest of the fight.

Winner: Toby Bender by unanimous decision

Bernard Redtomahack vs. Joe Lavendure – Super HWT (Ammy)

Round 1

Lavendure tries for a takedown, but its stuffed and Redtomahack gets back control on a turtled Lavendure. Redtomahack lands some blows with several to the back of the head. The ref stops the action and Lavendure couldn’t continue.

Winner: Rules a non-contest at 1:47 round 1

Robb versus McCarthy Set for ICF All female Card in May

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McCarthy & Robb

McCarthy & Robb

The first match has been announced for Intense Cage Fighting’s all female card May 9th in Great Falls, MT.

In the co-main event, InvictaFC vets Cassie Robb and Liz McCarthy will clash in an atomweight battle.

Robb had a solid career as an amateur before making her pro debut at InvictaFC 4 in 2013. Having went 3-2-1 as an ammy, she came up short losing to Laura Sanko in her first pro fight. She is looking to even her record.

McCarthy (1-1) went 6-0 as an amateur before getting her first pro win against Jessica Philippus at InvictaFC 2 in 2012. She would a close split decision to Jodie Esquibel last year at InvictaFC 4.

The card will also feature a four woman flyweight tournament to crown the organization’s first ever female champ.

We will have more match announcements in the coming weeks. Wombat Sports will be…

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ICF’s Cory Smith Talks April 12 card; All Female Card in May

icf 12ICF President hasn’t slowed down in 2014 coming off a successful card this past February.

Not only has the 221 Industry head launch a clothing line and a successful MMA promotion, he is now dipping in the beer market with “Submission Ale”.  The launch of beer coincides with the upcoming April 12 card, which will feature  Sean O’Malley and Frank Ramsey defending their titles.

This on top of the historic announcement that ICF will be holding the first ever all-female MMA card in Montana’s history.

We talk to Smith about the busy few months.


MTCage: It has been a busy year so far in 2014 for Intense Cage Fighting. You are coming off a successful card in February and have a quick turnaround for the April card plus a May card in the works. How has it been to grow ICF these past few months?

Cory Smith: I think the last time I talked to you I was saying we were going to take some time off, well we ended up doing the opposite, and booking a few shows and getting some more talent in that cage. I don’t think we have ever been this busy, and now with the release of our Beer coming up fight week, things have gone from 60-100 real fast. Im excited for summer I know that, this is awesome but a break will be nice.

MTCage: The May event will be an all female affair. How is it looking so far?

Smith:  Its going so Great! Working with the Hammond’s out in Seattle, match making this card, has been a blast, and now we are doing a Tournament style with Invicta vets, its going to be Legendary night!

MTC: You have been working with Fusion Fight League out of Billings. How has this been beneficial to both promotions?

Smith:  Working with Fusion has been awesome, Terrell and I have became really good friends over the past few months, sharing war stories of the “fight promoters life”, sharing fighters, matching up good talent, talking sponsorships, great company down there in Billings, really looking forward to the future with those guys.

MTC: Sean O’Malley has a five round war back in November with Colin Lee and returns to defend his 135 title. How solid is it to have them on the card once again?

Smith: I said it before, and ill say it again, this kid is amazing! As a fan, I am so excited to watch him compete again, and the fans havent stopped talking about him since that November fight. He’s got our 145lb and 135lb Belts, and sounds like he plans to defend them both in upcoming shows. Sean is going to be moving to Arizona to train full time at Benson Henderson home gym, the MMA lab, along with ICF Vets Tim Welch and Frank Ramsey.

MTC: What other fights do you got for us on this card?

Smith: Myles Mazurkiewicz  and Joe McMillen is going to be huge, people have been talking about this fight for a long time, and seems to be a highlight of fight. Frank Ramsey, the 8 time defending champion for the ICF 155lb title and a pro record of 10-1, will begin his drop to the 145lb class and fight a catch weight fight against Ryan Mulhvill (11-2) from Spokane at 150lb, this could easily be the fight of the night, and by far Ramsey’s toughest fight to date.

MTC: Any anyone you want to thank? Anything you want to add?

Smith:  Thank you to the fans and sponsors. Remember we debut our new beer, “Submission Ale” April 9th at the Front Brewery from 6pm-10pm, with ever “Submission Ale” sold a dollar going to our cancer fundraiser, so please come out if you are in the Great Falls area.


Tickets are available at Codys Cars, Scheels, Sting Sports Bar, Alias Smith & Jones Pawn, and Big Sky Harley! VIP tables are available by calling 406-781-0252 or emailing

BJJ World Champion Mica Cipili to Hold Seminar in Helena

mica cipiliMulti-time BJJ champion black belt Mica Cipili will be making the trip to Montana to hold an once a year seminar at his affiliate gym in Helena; Capital City MMA.

Cipilli is a forth degree black belt under Royler Gracie, and has trained with the likes of Rickson Gracie  and Rigan Machado. He holds titles from the Pan-Ams, Gracie Nationals, and US Open among many others. He is the head instructor at the Gracie jiu-jitsu afflaite in Las Vegas, working with many stars from the UFC.

His seminars change and even if you had been to one or two, you won’t see the same thing twice. This is an event that happens only once a year so if you can make the trip to Helena, it is highly recommended you do so to up your game and learn from on of the best in the game.

The seminar is $75 on Saturday; with an option to take personal one 0n one training on Sunday.

For more information call (406) 465-1580 or e-mail

Tim Welch Enters Bellator Lightweight Tournament Friday

welchWith Terry Etim out, Great Falls’s Tim Welch has been given the call to enter the Bellator $100,000 lightweight tournament.

Welch (10-4) won at Intense Cage Fighting this past March by first round rear naked choke in his return to the Montana cage. He was a part of the Bellator’s “Fight Master” reality series, losing the opening round of the tournament. Since then, Welch has been training at the MMA Lab in Phoenix, Arizona with UFC fighters Benson Henderson, Jamie Varner, and Efrain Escudero.

Welch will be facing Derek Campos (13-3) in the opening round of the tournament who has won four straight.

The match will air on Spike TV Friday night, and with fight night viewing party will be held at the Sting Sports bar in Great Falls.